Noob xcoder: How to get started?

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Hey everyone,

So I'll say it straight out: I'm a noob. I understand QC pretty well and if someone gave me a task, I'm confident I could create a QC comp to complete the task. However, I now want to start digging into building XCode apps to do my bidding. Specifically, I'm planning to create some stuff using Syphon.

I'm wondering, if you were in my shoes, how would you get started learning xcode? Anyone have any simple apps I should try building to see if I can get it done?

My background is in web programming / publishing, so I'd say I'm completely comfortable around Wordpress, and subsequently, competent in PHP. By extension, I've sort of figured out scripty-style C, and I've sort of started to dig into Objective-C's syntax... but I'm trying to figure out how to learn how frameworks work, how to accomplish tasks and the sort. I mean are the dev docs really just the best place to go?

I'm such a noob.

Any help you've got would be appreciated, any words of wisdom, or projects that could help, etc.

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Re: Noob xcoder: How to get started?

Hey Randall,

I'd get started by looking at examples from syphon (surely vade has fashioned some?), as well as apple developer examples

Dev docs are a great place to start, and the mailing lists are great for working out details the docs omit. Also, lots of trial and error.

In the future, more specific questions get more specific answers. Feel free to ask more concrete things if you feel like answers are too vague.

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Re: Noob xcoder: How to get started?

Thanks for the starting point. It helps out huge.

BTW, been lurking for a long time on Kineme... checking out your stuff, and it's pretty rad. Hope you change the world at Apple!

As another aside, I'm moving to Ogden, UT (to get my Master's at Weber State, which believe it or not, has to do with QC) and reading over on Kosada, I understand you spent 2 years thereabouts.

Hopefully with some time spent, I'll become the second best QC person to have lived in Ogden. :)

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Re: Noob xcoder: How to get started?

I'm just starting out on this path as an absolute beginner myself, and these links have helped me a lot in figuring out the way things are handled in obj-c. really, really basic, but that's just what I was looking for. mostly for the iPhone, but basic concepts are similar. covers a lot in a small space, but helpful once you're up and running