Outputting datas from QC

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As far as I know, outputting "analog datas" from QC to real world seems to be quite complicated.

Even if Arduino or Phidgets can be used, it's not easy and limited in my opinion. (I may be wrong)

There is a "not so bad" solution to this problem that I would like to share.

The main idea is using the light emitted by squares on the screen (generated by QC), measure it constantly with photometers and convert it to an electrical voltage, able to command other cool things...

Light dependent resistor (LDR) is not a good way because of too long response time & linearity issues. Photodiodes are far better and convenient. I use BPW34 which are less expensive than well-known BPW21.

There is a electronic schematics + PCBs of the device I made. It's a 8 channels, linear and adjustable light to voltage converter.

It is powered by USB and outputs :

  • 8 analog voltages (adjustable range)
  • 8 digital "on/off" values (adjustable threshold)

There is two printed circuit to do : the converter and the remote 8 photodiode board (which will be fixed on the screen)

It works and is fully cross-plateform ! Until this day, it is quite stable and reliable.

If any question, feel free to ask.

greetings !

octuple_BPW34_ampli.zip4.39 MB