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Anyone seen the iphone app percolator?

Pretty cool... though I don't know how processor intensive it'd be to approach something like this for live processing. Maybe a bit more suited to Processing, too?

I see from time to time these algorithms that generate squares and circles and fill in the empty spaces in an image as it goes, though I have not tried anything specific. Correct me if I'm wrong -- seems QC's strengths haven't been played out too far in this direction? At least I haven't seen much -- I'd like to.

Anyway, just thought I'd share...

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Re: Percolator

Sweet little application isn't it?

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Re: Percolator

'Tis. Inspiring.

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Re: Percolator

Couldn't resist tossing George's GTEmboss and Memo's Msa_FrostedGlass image filters at a Percolator image. Thanks for the tip on the app! Very nice.

We probably could use a whole topic on iOS image effects. Everyone has seen Autodesk's Fluid FX for iOS devices? Wow:

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