Pling-ins don't load properly

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I've got a composition that uses plug-ins and it works fine, but when I close QC and re-open the file, an error messages appears (posted at the end).

The composition don't work (the plug-in is missing...). But if I go to KinemeCore preferences to uncheck and re-check the plug-ings, it works fine again.

Any Idea?


The messege:

(null) : Patch with name "ImageDownloaderBlockingPatch" is missing

CARGA ULTIMA IMAGEN Cannot create node of class "ImageDownloaderBlockingPatch" and identifier "(null)"

CARGA ULTIMA IMAGEN Cannot publish output port ["outputImage" @ "ImageDownloaderBlockingPatch_1"]

Macro Patch State restoration failed on node "Patch_7"

Macro Patch Cannot create connection from ["Image_1" @ "Patch_7"] to ["inputImage_proxy_1" @ "Patch_14"]


State restoration failed on

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Re: Pling-ins don't load properly

I wonder if this like the framework's issue, what OS version are you running ?

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Re: Pling-ins don't load properly

Do you have both File Tools and the original Image Downloader Blocking Patch installed? Image Downloader Blocking has been added to File Tools; this could possibly be part, if not all, of the problem. Remove one or the other, preferably the old Image Downloader Blocking, and replacing it with File Tools. It sounds like you must have both installed, especially since you mention the Kcore thing, and that clearing it up in that session of using QC.

However, if you are in Leopard and not SL, and have downloaded and installed File Tools, and you remove Image Downloader Blocking, and still get problems, you may wish to uninstall File Tools, and see if Image Downloader Blocking starts restoring again. Then, let info@kineme know, or at least respond on forum.

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Re: Pling-ins don't load properly

I'm on OS X 10.6.3 Snow Leopard

As you said, both were installed, i'll try to clean it up.

Thank you!