Plugin Interface on Pixelshox (historical pics, description?)

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The "no expiration", final version of Pixelshox had the extensible plugin interface removed, and as such, it's not able to be referenced for examination.

Can anyone explain how that worked? In addition, did anyone have a version around that DOES take plugins, and/ or plugin examples, which still runs (though my understanding is that this isn't possible). Believe it or not, Pixelshox works well on SL still.

This is totally of minimal importance, I'm just a QC fetishist, what can I say? I feel like this is a total stab in the dark, but I'm curious about it.

I've found that there are a great deal of aspects about Pixelshox that were good ideas, and which may have been abandoned along the way - either before transition to QC (colored noodles, that are the color of the patch they are coming from... object loading and deformers... a sort of different way of patching some things that isn't environment oriented, FOV stuff being built into the renderers, it goes on and on), or through various QC versions (like how we no longer have patch category in the Patch Library/patcherator).

I find myself wishing this interface loaded all the QC frameworks somehow!

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Re: Plugin Interface on Pixelshox (historical pics, ...

You want version 0.91 - and I don't know where it is.

Searched high and low, thought I had an old archive of the application, but no joy.

Wasn't it LUA scripting language that was replaced with JavaScript in 0.92 Public Beta?

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Re: Plugin Interface on Pixelshox (historical pics, ...

re: LUA- I believe so.

I think that .91 had a date that it would no longer work past, but I'm not 100% sure. It seems unfortunate that the final release that doesn't expire (if it's the only one that doesn't expire), lopped of plugin functionality. I'm curious what kind of plugins people made for this, or if anyone really attempted to at all.

If anyone has any psx files that weren't part of the examples, it would be cool to check them out.

It's really not as useful as QC in myriad ways, but there are some interesting things about it that make me curious as to why they were abandoned. It also sheds some insight onto which patches in QC are the most... fundamental?, some interesting patches aren't there (vortex renderer, etc). One aspect I find most interesting is the "gateway in/gateway out" approach vs things being environment/macros, and how things like Lighting or GLSL aren't environments, but patches that have layer numbers, and effect what layers are "below". Transforms happen before the renderer, etc. Weird. File don't have a plist style organization.

It's interesting that Plasma is one of the oldest patches, and now it's almost unfindable (now it's just called "macro").