Recreate a couple jitter patches

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I'v been asked to recreate a couple jitter patches, which I would like to do in QC. I think this is standard fare at this point, but I haven't yet worked with IR / live stuff in QC.

The clip with the trombonist "painting" involves attaching a wiimote to the trombone (or to his forearm, I can't remember). I can do the paint effects, but I am looking for advice on setup for tracking the wiimote. (I haven't even started looking around yet -- that's next). Also, are there any better ideas for anything more compact than a wiimote at this point in time?

The other clip might be based on a known jitter patch -- if anyone recognizes it, I'd love to hear. Otherwise, how would one go about recreating this? Looks to me like I should first try looping / scrubbing / jumping around a queue of frames with some feedback (the color effects I can do -- thresholding, color, etc.)

Any advice is welcome.

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Re: Recreate a couple jitter patches

To be a little more clear -- of course a live feed camera is being used. Does anyone have any recommendations at this point in time for a camera? Some better than others in QC, etc.? Has to be firewire or can I use a USB camera? (After all, this was way back when in the Fall of 2008!) I know I need to do some research -- this is part of it as I usually get some good tidbit here from those more experienced. :)

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Re: Recreate a couple jitter patches

I think maybe a quick and dirty way to do this first one would be to just use an IR LED taped to a battery, and use something like OpenCV to track the point. I don't have much experience with OpenCV, or the QC plugin of it, but that's the first thing that comes to mind.

As far as what camera to use, I'd imagine that a firewire camera would be best, but it might be overkill. You could always use the PlayStation EyeToy camera, I've heard of good results with it, and it's fairly cheap.