Spotlight indexing plug-in's picture

Re-testing the kineme spotlight importer plugin I can't get hits on unique words in quartz file notes. I had two installed in the spotlight folder in Library the first version (v1.0) and the KinemeCore version. So i took out the older one and left the 2 Jan 2010 file (no version info).

Even double clicking to reindex I can't get a hit on a unique string like "wurzelgummich". cwright said spotlight isn't deterministic at some point I think, I think I know what that means but not what it implies for spotlight searches of quartz files. I can only get hits on file name sub-strings when I search .qtz + "search_token".

When does spotlight reindex, each time a QC file is saved or overnight with other OS housekeeping?

I'll appreciate any 'pointers'!

(I'd really like it to import the names of all the patches used not just custom patches, but that's a feature request for when I can get it to work again)