Streaming video from Quartz

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So the announcement of the new Apple TV has my mind wandering, and I wanted to bounce some ideas off you guys to see what you thought.

I currently maintain a large number of QC displays that are used for a networked enabled metrics and infographic display. I'd like to expand my installation base, and one of the things that always comes up is the price on Mac hardware for an installation. Up until recently I've been able to get around this due to the facility that I work in, we have a large number of MacBook and MB Pro's that I've been able to re-purpose. We've gotten to the point now that several business types would like to use the same QC installation that we have at our facility, but at another location.

My idea is this. For simplicity's sake, would it be possible to A) have a QC plugin that either streamed, or interfaced with something like QTSS/DTSS from the active composition, or B) kludge or hack something using a screencap program (audio as well preferably) that could kick over something to QTSS or Quicktime Broadcaster..

This would be so I could abstract everything away from the need of maintaining a machine and OS per installation, just creating a straight video stream that could be loaded on any OS.


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Re: Streaming video from Quartz

Bueller? Bueller?

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Re: Streaming video from Quartz

You looked over the resources in Streaming With Quartz Composer in the Kineme Wiki? The basic concept presented there is to access a composition via a QC capable virtual camera or virtual cam plugin whose video output can then be streamed cross platform. Audio transmission isn't part of that equation however, and would need to be addressed seperately.