Supersampling , Feedback & Full Screen

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I've been getting pre-occupied with supersampling and how , when fed into a Feedback macro, it won't faithfully render in full screen, what it will render within a viewer window.

Have tried all sorts of tweaks, but thus far, whilst plain supersampling results in good performance at full screen, one sent through a feedback loop basically fouls up .

Any workarounds ?

BTW - a lot of this has been whilst looking into some of the nicest OpenCL and GLSL QC examples I've seen for a good long time from - thanks to Steve Elbows for posting that link to some impeccable GLSL and thought provoking ways of making OpenCL render to the Billboard with supersampling.

See here for the sort of results that you get when rendered faithfully to the Viewer window.

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Re: Supersampling , Feedback & Full Screen

& with a little further experimenting and thought, the following occurred to me.

Put the incapable of doing full screen Billboard into another RII and feed that the Feedback result and feed the resulting RII output to another suitably blended and configured Billboard, just in case you didn't already know.

& finally, to make it a triple whammy of answering my own enquiry, I can report that set to 2d , with texture mapping flagged & with enabled feedback rendering, the final RII provides the best full screen output [won't dispute that it does lop the top and bottom off the screen, but the performance is far brisker , no doubt in part , due to the constraining of rendering space made by the 2D setting.