Xcode 4, anything new on the QC side?

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Just wondering if I should upgrade.

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Re: Xcode 4, anything new on the QC side?

wait for Lion

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Re: Xcode 4, anything new on the QC side?

Xcode 4 didn't do anything different to QC, the QC patches, or the app that I noticed. It's kind of gnarly/weird, so I would read up on it, and keep your current Xcode available to yourself (eg., if you try 4, install it on a different partition).

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Re: Xcode 4, anything new on the QC side?

I really like Xcode 4.

Just need to re-associate with the 'Missing SDKs'.

Also , only the Developer Portal edition allows for customised installation that means you can avoid the difficulty [minor] referred to above in this post. The MacApp version is a limited , closed installer, more or less. {Bargain price though]

There is little or no difference as you say, although there is a slight updating of certain items, nothing obvious or new.

As franz said, 'wait for Lion'; improvements on the OpenCL front and a few other items besides.

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Re: Xcode 4, anything new on the QC side?

defiantly upgrade to xcode4. it will however erase your xcode3 if you don't like george said install in separate location. i just upgraded my xcode3 to 4 and every thing was fine until i went to build to my ipad which is on iOS 4.2 which is the latest build via iTunes, xcode4 builds to iOS 4.3 which isn't available for download via the dev center or itunes. so had to run a google search and found the iOS 4.3 for ipad1.

all in all the switch went smooth for me. a few problems opening old projects but nothing a scheme edit couldn't fix. now i hesitate when i say this but in regards to qc and official apple frameworks xcode4 is golden. If your using ofx or other frameworks i am not sure you might want keep an xcode3 on your system. i have tried cinder and that works no problems yet in 4.

you could wait till lion as qc 4.5 must have some changes. i couldn't find a list of any improvements in relation to qc. can't really say but i did notice 2 new patches. nothing you can't all ready with kineme plugs.

my suggestion would be to go with xcode4 now to get used to how things will be in lion but keep an xcode3 on your system or another system because somethings are bound to be messed up with the roll over in regards to kineme core etc..

just like with snow leopard.

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Re: Xcode 4, anything new on the QC side?

I've read instructions in the past that say developer folder should only ever be installed on root drive. I guess another partition is fine if it's bootable.

Could be wrong but that's what I've read. Apple Xcode list has quite a bit of discussion around the issues of 3> 4 ATM.

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Re: Xcode 4, anything new on the QC side?

When I say," install on a separate partition " I mean, have a whole bootable partition that's apart from what you normally use, install it on that, and don't sacrifice the version of Xcode you have that actually works.

Idk about all of the "jump right in" stuff, especially considering the bloodshed on the Xcode list, but different strokes for different folks.