Xdmx... odd idea

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So I was trying to find a way to create a virtual extended desktop that I could use with an old linux notebook with my MB Pro that I have, when I came across Xdmx ( http://bit.ly/bm36tJ ). It suddenly struck me that this could potentially be used for a QC display, and instead of having multiple Mac's running a QC composition that one Mac could be run on a "master node", and forward the display using X11 to several cheap Linux boxes.

Any ideas or experience on something like this?

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Re: Xdmx... odd idea

My experience with streaming X11 for non-trivial visuals is this: get the fastest network you can. Double it. Sort out channel bonding. And then get frustrated that it's still just not that fast :/

QC doesn't have any X11 provisions (nor do any Cocoa apps, for that matter), so I'm not sure how difficult it would be to setup xdmx to help you out.