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so just a general iPad topic... i went to the computer store today to check the iPad out. its so much cooler than i thought it was going to be. i was bummed out no snow leopard etc... but given the exponential rate at which processors are growing in two years from now one would think that the iPad could do what QC4 does today but in two years QC will be at 5 or 6 and probably still not run.


but given that logic that would mean we could run qc2 now. defiantly a must i think is qc in the tablet and phone forum. regardless of the lack of quartz composer all the other mobile PC computers and laptops in the computer store just looked archaic next to the pad regardless of how big you can make a laptop screen and how fast nvidia chips are on pc, aesthetically there is no comparison.

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Re: iPad

On the current chip set for the iPad [still to be seen in captivity on this side of the Atlantic ], we'd need to create a chipset specific version of QC, so it would end up being capable of working on that chipset with its unique framework.

so we could program on the iPad, then •~

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Re: iPad

yeah its not a big issue, to tell you the truth. i'm happy just being able to build to my device with the edu program even though i have to update provision file like every few weeks. honestly i thought it was 100 bucks and you can build to your device for its life, but apparently certificates are on an annual basis. i think there should be a free program to develop or put your stuff on your own device but if you want to be part of the app store then you should have to pay to deploy maybe seems to be fair imho.