multiple art-net senders?

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I'm trying to use multiple art net senders to send info to 3 universes on the same sub-net.

Is this possible?

every next art net sender patch i add does not seem to do anything. The sender patch in an iterator does nothing. (Strange thing: when i add a second sender patch and delete the first one, the second one still does nothing)

When i try the different universes from the first patch they do work.

I use art net tools 1.4. on a macmini with 10.6.5 and XcodeTools 3.2.2

any suggestions? thanx

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Re: multiple art-net senders?

I don't know for sure, but I'm going to guess it's pretty doubtful. Receiving multiple universes was only recently added, and I don't think sending multiple is. Maybe you could try using multiple compiled apps as a workaround.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that the send should probably never be put in an iterator too, but I may stand corrected.

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Re: multiple art-net senders?

Ive been able to send multiple universes out. Never tried it with an iterator. I think I used Universes 3/1-3/3 to drive 180' of Individually addressable LED tubing with little to no delay.

Are you using 32 or 64 bit QC? Ive found that the older versions of the artnet patch behaved oddly in 32 bit mode.

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Re: multiple art-net senders?

damn ties how many lights are trying to run ? i have only messed with single universe run off a mixer, can not offer any solution for you, but can feel your pain. as the set up i did for my friends stage was lets say not that fun to set up. i found it easier to program the lights on the ground. i guess the computer programmer in me wanted to start counting from 0 apparently you need to start from 1. i kept telling my mate art net was the way to go but i guess there are only a few people in the world that even know what the hell art net is.

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Re: multiple art-net senders?

lol, I know already 4 people!

I want to control a rudimentary led screen from QC. It is a screen with 384 rgb leds, each needing 4 channels (if i'm not mistaken) using openCL or even JS it's quite simple to map these out.

most led screens are a bunch of dmx universes with an expensive video to dmx converter. It made sense to me to skip this converter and control the screen directly from QC.

The Art-Net Tools, v1.3 release states Added support for multiple senders and receivers within a composition, operating on different universes and subnets.

So what does this mean exactly?

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Re: multiple art-net senders?

imo, there's something about QC that makes it better for chasing stuff than driving. If a composition bogs down, it doesn't really skip over steps or recover, to get back to where it "should be" in absolute system time. Our fps is variable, and the time it takes to get from event A to B when set to 60 second duration is variable depending on if the composition bogs down at all or you grab the editor and wiggle it back and forth, or touch a patch, etc.

I know it can be done, and I would do it, if it was the right fit... just throwing out some food for thought. A kind of elementary way of seeing what I'm talking about would be to program QC to be a beat machine, and see how the beat fluctuates as you manipulate the editor or system.

If you're chasing system time, or an external clock, you can mitigate that (and at this point you aren't using QC to drive the DMX, so it could defeat the point I guess.)

You should only need three channels per color because clear/off/black is equivalent in this scenario.

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Re: multiple art-net senders?

A universe is 512 channels of info, that can carry values between 0-255(all the time I think? I believe fine control takes up multiple channels to my memory), and the amount you can transmit is capped at that. So, if you need to transmit more, you need to utilize more universes.