open composition WITHOUT auto run

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hi I managed to make a change in a comp which causes QC to crash every time i try to run it. I know where the problem is (in math expression patch), BUT when I open the comp it auto runs the viewer and QC crashes. That leaves me no chance to correct the error. Any ideas? thx, v.

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Re: open composition WITHOUT auto run

Zip the composition...throwaway, or hide the one that keeps opening.

Then, when QC opens, hit preferences and choose "at application startup"=do nothing, and more importantly "when opening a composition"'=show only editor.

Hopefully zipping up/removing that file so that it won't open for you on start onetime, doesn't foul stuff up in QC4. I know it used to work (pretty darn sure at least).

The first or second thing I do whenever I install QC is turn off that option for the Viewer to run when you open a composition. It's an ill-considered default, I think.

Wherever the application pref plist file is, can be manipulated by opening it up and changing that auto-viewer option manually... that will work without any of the other hijinx of hiding your file and stuff. If you're familiar with doing stuff that way, it might be easiest.

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Re: open composition WITHOUT auto run

thanks. zipping wasn't necessary, but the preferences setting "show only editor" worked v.