polygon stippling

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Has anyone messed around with Polygon Stippling in a rendering plugin? Does it have a desirable look (I know, I can just try it out)? Is there any weird stuff with it not being supported well?

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Re: polygon stippling

I've used it in a few projects and found it to work well (that is, as well as other GL Line drawing stuff, which varies significantly from chipset to chipset).

Some useful patterns:

Binary Decimal
0000000000000001 1
0000000100000001 257
0001000100010001 4369
0101010101010101 21845

(then adjust the Stipple Repeat Count to alter the rendered pattern width)

[Edit: Crap, sorry, I misread your question as asking about "Polygon Mode Stippling" (as in the Kineme Polygon Mode Patch). No, I haven't worked with GL_POLYGON_STIPPLE.]