qc dev list

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Is it working?

I've had a couple of people ask me within the last week or so.

I figured it was still working and just some maintenance/coincidence, but I happened to send something the other day, and I don't think it went through.

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Re: qc dev list

Same here, didn't receive anything for weeks. Tried to send as well, but no return whatsoever.

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Re: qc dev list

its been a year or two for me not being able to send messages. i'm thinking that has something to do with me going off topic. subsequently i don't read them as much not being able to reply.

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Re: qc dev list

Yes. Allan Schaffer and the QC guys are aware, its been nearly 2 weeks though.

We've been seeing this too and informed the site admins about it, but it hasn't been resolved yet. Thanks for the heads-up though. I don't have an ETA but hopefully sometime soon :-)


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Re: qc dev list

Hope it gets fixed soon...