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I am new to Quartz Composer, looking forward to working with it but it may be tricky. I am used to Flash and FCP. Looking at Quartz to make the connect with VDMX.

here is my website

I live in the states.

ok going to start searching now through the forums and possible downloads.

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Re: Greetings!

Hey there, nice work.

I watched right through your video and enjoyed it. I really like noisescapes and the visuals have a wonderful old-school filmic feel to them. (Done with a post ciné-look type plugin?! haha)

I'm pretty comfortable saying that in general I dislike the rash of 'glitch' effects currently doing the rounds. I'm betting somebody has called your work 'glitchy' but to me it's far more purposeful, informed and beautiful than that.

Really look forward to what you come up with in QC!

Welcome to

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Re: Greetings!

Lovely looking materials, dhaleta

Welcome to the kineme forum.