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Hi everyone. Started to use QC some weeks ago. Time to say Hello and big Thanks for the many helpful tips and examples, I had a look at here and the other QC experts blogs.
I'm especially interested in combining sound and graphics, so my first project (work in progress) is a "playable" visualizer reacting on midi/audio input.
As a graphic designer, I worked with the usual 2d/3d software so far and to me it's amazing, what's possible in realtime with QC. Also, not just USING an application, but actually (well, kind of) MAKING it.
Great stuff, lots to learn, refreshing basic math right now - outch!
best + see you,

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Re: Hello

Hello, welcome aboard!

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Re: Hello

Cool, great to see you here!

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Re: Hello

You've definitely come to the right place. Welcome!!

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Re: Hello

hello - I think you're the first new poster this year :-)

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Re: Hello

What an honor! All the best for 11 :)