Hello from Massachuesets!

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Hey. I'm just kinda a computer dabbler.. Been into art and technology my whole life, so I've just stumbled upon Quartz after years of focusing on Adobe software.. Photoshop and After Effects mainly. Didn't know programming was so accessible nowadays. Got into dabbling in MIDI in March.. and this is where its lead.

Intro over! Now.. HELP! How the heck do I get a MIDI CC to give me -1 to 1 for an output? I'm trying to route my wiimote MIDI thru OSCulator for my IR X and Y positions. I know this is simple, and I need to know how to range numbers but have been stuck. I've had the same problem to an extent with using MIDI CC knobs and sliders. I don't know how to range the values for anything (probably wrong terminology). I'm tired of having the wiimote almost work via MIDI, only allowing me to move it from center to top right.

I cant get the wiimote patch to recognize my controls either; tried all I could think of with that. But I'd rather do it MIDI for ease of programming and to cross-software and cause I like OSCulator a lot; and already have some custom wiimote instruments programmed.

Ive got an IR bar and all that- OSCulator see the wiimote and outputs; same with the darwiin app.

If anyone can help I won't ask another dumb Q for a couple months.

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Re: Hello from Massachuesets!

welcome yourself, im from new england as well. this was my first question as well. seeing that i do this all the time i made my own interpolation function. you can find it in the repository under java script mapping function.

lets say you want to interpolate, scale or map a number from 0 to 1 to -1 to 1. you can do a math expression like

(2* x) -1

or with limits

Min (2, Max (-2 , ((2 * x) - 1)))

you can also right click an interpolation patch and set to external time. then what ever is in the patch time slot gets mapped to the start and end values of the interpolator.

you can also use a sawtooth up low frequency oscillator with a period of 1 and amplitude of one also set to external time base.

usually midi cc is 0 - 127 but if your getting values from osculator then it will be in the 0-1 range. in osculator go to >view>Scalings Page and you scale your wii or midi values in osculator before quartz, which in turn will make all the above mentioned irrelevant but still good to know.

here is a qc example.

interpolation.qtz19.69 KB