Hey there! Media nerd here

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to introduce myself... I'm Randall Bennett, and I'm working on Quartz Composer Awesomeness(tm).

I come to this forum from a bit of a different slant than all the amazing visual artists who are making breathtaking quartz compositions... I'm trying to make the world understand data better, and enable content creators (video producers) to be able to rapidly create content.

I'm working on a lot of media projects, and will be popping in periodically.

My blog is at http://vidplusplus.com and my twitter is @randallb if anyone wants to follow. Please reply with yours and I'll follow.

Thanks! rb

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Re: Hey there! Media nerd here

Welcome to the Kineme forum, your blog looks to be a pretty intelligent / objective take upon web video.

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Re: Hey there! Media nerd here

Thanks! The blog is going to evolve over time. The hope is merging Quartz Composer goodness with the informational web video angle.

Always feels good when someone actually goes to your blog. :)