Hi from Manila

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Hey there, I'd like to learn more about Quartz Composer but have no idea how and where to start. Where doing some research on Augmented Reality, when one of my colleague stumble upon this video on Youtube regarding AR using Quartz Composer. Anyway, after several searches on Google, I ended up here. Are there any schools/learning institutions offering courses on QC? Or online tutorial sites?Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!

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Re: Hi from Manila

Hi 2ns and welcome.

This forum is a good place to search for answers to common and less common QC questions.

My recommendation[s]

A - explore the XCode QC samples.

B- go to resources a link from my own site.

There are other site's out there & truth be told that resources page on my site needs updating. For instance try this link PixelArt, which is not on my resource's page, or this one MacApper

QC Tutorials are out there, they are growing in number everyday.


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Re: Hi from Manila

This is great! Thanks so much cybero! :)

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Re: Hi from Manila

I also started learning recently, apart from Kineme, http://www.quartzcompositions.com/phpBB2/ is a very good site. After installing I just basically started to take apart code from some of included by mac compositions. I would also check Irishman's guide to quartz composer, really good.

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Re: Hi from Manila

im not a teacher but seeing i have been taking graduate classes since i was a freshman i have been lecturing on quartz composer in the school i go to the "university of maine". its in the U.S. maine is a state that is part of New England. i wouldn't suggest moving to this part of the world if your used to high energy city life or warm weather.

i lecture the lower level core new media classes. basically you get processing, flash, php, max-msp, quartz-composer, unity3d, and arduino....

all thrown at you in one class. plus your given impossible tasks to complete. the idea is to subject fresh minds to all kinds of different emerging technologies so that later they can choose a workflow that suites them. its primarily left up to the student to discover the possibilities them selfs as that is a lot of tech to cover in one class.

i have been teaching myself qc. i found kineme to be the greatest help next to the developer examples. i guess you ask questions to the dev list or places like kineme and look at other people questions and examples and code and start to figure out things. i suggest a direct approach.

take a task like "i want to learn how to make an itunes visualizer" then you figure out how get there from step A to step Z skipping letters not needed for the particular task. once that is complete you try another one and eventually you will hit all the letters and know what is going on (relatively)