Hi form Berlin

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Hello Kineme community!

I am working now in a project that aims to use QC-Kineme motion tracking capabilities (CVTools, flow motion, etc) to build an interactive application that will be used as a presentation tool in fairs, events and live shows.

I just wanted to say hello, see you around!!


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Re: Hi form Berlin

Hi, welcome to Kineme!

a|x http://machinesdontcare.wordpress.com

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Re: Hi form Berlin

Hi toneburst,

I've followed your work for a long time and also red you here in the forums many times. So now that you've answered my salutations, I'll ask you something:

I'm trying to wipe objects from the screen. The idea is that the people can sweep leaves from the screen moving their arms, so the objects can fly with a physical behavior.

My approach has been to isolate the persons figure by adding contrast, and create an image that is only black or white, like a mask. Then my idea is to use this mask to repel the leaves positions.

I've tried the CV objects to do this but seems like there is no object for isolating blobs? face detecting works great, also point structures... but detecting a whole body... i don't know if the cv tools can be useful for this.

I've also tried vade's optical flow and other objects with no better result...

I've seen 1024's particle cloud composition but i cannot change the particle image...

Is there a way to build a particle cloud in a way that i can distribute its particle's positions in space using body movement?

I think I'll try to move each object independently though, is there a repel algorithm somewhere?

Any help will be useful,


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Re: Hi form Berlin


I can do this with structures right? the quad structure with transformations? I think that's the solution.