Hi from France !

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Hi all, and especially those who give so much through this site !

To present myself : I'm theatre director and I work with a company called L'ange Carasuelo. We're working on a new spectacle to be presented in January.

We use a lot of Kineme stuff in this future show and the compositions posted by evrybody are a real source of learning QC. So, thank you all !

We will post our compos and videos of the show asap, so maybe we can contribute a little.

BTW, I've seen Franz show in PAris Nuit Blanche last night, it was amazing ! Thanks for this too !



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Re: Hi from France !

Let me be the first to say bonjour.
 (: )

Look forward to seeing your work.

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Re: Hi from France !

Hi from France too ! Welcome and thxx for your comments

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The "Entre nous" also knowed as "appartée" in theatre...

Hi benoitlahoz, and welcome !

"Je travaille moi aussi pour des installations plastiques et théâtrale, avec Quartz Composer et autres... N'hésite pas à me solliciter."

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Re: The "Entre nous" also knowed as "appartée" in theatre...

ah bon ? et pour quelle compagnie ? A bordeaux ?

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Re: Hi from France !

Welcome to the Kineme forum, benoitlahoz :-). {I do note you've been registered since May of this year.}

Your L'ange Carasuelo site looks quite an eyeball pleaser.

Might well be browsing through your current posts there later on today.

No doubt about it, the Kineme site , & its many subscribers, provides an excellent source of advice , exemplification & enquiry.

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Re: Hi from France !

Merci to all of you !

Yes, cybero, I subscribed in may but I didn't take the time to read and post... :-( Shame on me ! I was writing the text of this next spectacle and tinkering a little bit with Quartz Composer, but no more...

Great, mfreakz ! We are a few people from France as I can see !