QC lover from Amsterdamn..

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Greetings & Praise to the Kineme team..

But before I start sticking feathers up your ass because of the fantastic platform you've created, I'll make an effort to introduce myself.. Kineme was the first site that made sense when it comes to being a developer support forum & it helped me in a big way to get back into developing sw again only now in a radical new way.. This radical new way is actually rather old at the same time because when I gave it my first shot just at the beginning of this year it looked remarkably similar to Orcad & Ultiboard that we used in school to develop pcb's back in the days.. Those were the days that one would dial in to a bbs to download some files or leave a message for those of you that have absolutely no clue of what I'm talking about.. I first got introduced to QC by some guy frantically connecting wires of patches while on a train just south of Amsterdamn travelling south near the business district called 'De Bijlmer'.. Thanx again for that moment.. I was first blown away by the results he produced for a screen saver / visualizer type of app that pretty much resembled the one in iTunes, or at least quality wise to the perspective of a QC newbee.. English is not my mother tongue but I used to teach flying in the RSA, in English of course & consider myself sufficiently fluent, so if you bear with me through my verbal diarrhoea & the few minor spelling or grammar bugs that will surely slip in, please do because there's more to contibute to the movement.. I've got the trusted Oxford Dictionary with me to fall back on in order to keep the typos to a minimum, so again, please bear with me.. The last thing I want to do is piss people off for not sounding grateful when I start complaining like a mad man right from the start.. Believe me the frustrations start to build up.. E.g. the fact that I can't even in a simple & straightforward way, include a QuickTime movie to show you what I've done so far, because thing cut's off at 30secs without responding to keyboard input.. So it's about The Revolution & it will not be televised.. You won't see James Dean banging Jacky Onassis right next to the turn table.. You won't go like 'there's my record', 'there's my record again', 'again & again'.. Until you do hear & see things that aren't there or most likely you are not supposed to see or hear in the first place.. Seems to be a pretty serious thing nowadays & they do hold it against you, trust me.. Speaking of trust.. That's where it starts.. Like Mahatma Ghandi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela & others.. There is things to do because there's shit going on & most likely shit going down in 2012 coming up just now for those of you that are not paying attention.. Like I said The Revolution will not be televised, simply because it will be live..

So before I start boring you which I'd hate to do, let me finish off with saying 'Stay Tuned' because when it happens, it happens in the now & they won't have a clue what to televise anymore..

The key to the universe is simply that it isn't locked.. Pretty simple eh..? The key is to make things visual & we can instantly see & tell what is going on.. So that's where QC comes into play & I'd like to welcome everyone on board..

Here's the thing, I can't even start QC anymore because it crashes with a hardcore unix kernel segment protection failure (SIGSEGV).. When it loads the last used composition, it goes from QuartzComposer to Foundation to CoreFoundation where it simply dies.. Someone is fcuk'n with me but it's not you guys & I haven't figured out how to get around the problem & carry on with my developments..

Any input is very much appreciated & encourage if you would please do so in a constructive way & I'll assure you that I'll bring some things to the table as well..

Regards, Airosovicz http://www.myspace.com/airosovicz

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Re: QC lover from Amsterdamn..


Your .doc report file is corrupt, possibly data transmission, failed best efforts [IP] or worse. The file was not actually infected, but it didn't convert / read at all well in .doc conformant applications.

Install ClamXAV, update virus definitions, run, let it quarantine what it needs to quarantine, and delete any of the really bad stuff it finds OK?

Then , if I were you , allow me to upload your crash report afresh [which I've done], in plain text format, as your .doc just doesn't make sense as a .doc, in anything other than Text Edit, even Text Wrangler , NeoOffice, LibreOffice, etc , wouldn't play nicely with that file, at all. I have copied & pasted the resulting text from TextEdit, into TextWrangler and saved as a .txt file, pure and simple.

You also ought to look at your profile link, as your myspace page is totally down.

You also ought to totally clear out your current QuartzComposer cache, search the kineme site for further details on that one, if you don't already know how to.

Your post was kind of entertaining, but it would really help to just keep things totally succinct and to the point, certainly would help me hugely.

Why not post up the problem composition for us to examine, perhaps as a .zip file, just as an added precaution :-)

Take care.

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Re: QC lover from Amsterdamn..

Also try temporarily removing all .qtz files from <your home folder>/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches --- from the backtrace it looks like you might have ended up with a recursively-referenced Virtual Macro Patch.