Very merry christmas from Finland!

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Hi. I´m Markus from the land of the midnight sun. I´m pretty new to coding, (Acually I remember writing some ascii games in dos when I was a kid :) ) but this node based programming is really fun and I have even learnt some glslang (really needed a couple of shaders that werent available for quartz) I´m happy to have found a software as easy to grasp and versatile as quartz composer.. even when performancewise it seems to be a little behind its competitors. I found it while making an audio interactive shortfilm for my quartet as my final concert in the school where I study music and improvisation. It has been my new best friend for a couple of months now and I´m constanty finding new ideas and techniques with it. I would like to thank the kineme community for developing and expanding the possibilities with the custom plugins and stuff. Anyway now that I´ve done the introduction bit maybe it is time to start posting because I´ve got loads of questions. Merry christmas to evryone!