hello from the UK

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Hi, I live in the Uk and i make electronic music, new to quartz composer but looking to explore possibilities of real time audio and midi control :) cheers Tom

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Re: hello from the UK

Hiya, welcome to Kineme! I'm in the UK too (London)


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Re: hello from the UK

Yeah, welcome aboard. I'm up north in manchester/warrington.

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Re: hello from the UK

Good Morning, welcome to the forum, I'm in Leeds BTW :-) [cloudy, cold & grey today 17/11/2010]

Your blog, ICASEA, looks very interesting indeed.

FYI, you ought to update your KIneme forum profile as the link you put in to ICASEA , [free extra mention] points to the following , non-existent physical address http://kineme.net/www.icasea.blogspot.com , & you can see why that won't work from the URL [until Kineme become web services providers].

Don't worry, you are not the first & I don't think you'll be the last, this is something that Drupal does so terribly well •~ [irony intended] - you just need to slightly re-edit your profile.

I think it is to do with us not putting in a full http:// [hypertext protocol indicator] before our URL.

It could also be one of those things that is the product of Drupal's internally formatting templates, being SQL & PHP based and all.

Anyways I found I had to re-edit mine the once to fix the problem & I'm often advising others to do exactly the same.