Accelerometer plugin

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Hi there.

I am working on a project that requires me to interpret accelerometer input in quartz composer.

I'd like to end up with a patch that allows me to use that input to control a game I'm involved in the development of.

So far I've used the wiimote plugin, and a wiimote to control it, but I'd like to end up with a different hardware setup.

I've researched other hardware solutions and I have 1 of them to test with already: There are already some resources supplied on the website but I haven't been able to make it work with snow leopard/quartz composer. Maybe they just need to be rewritten.

I'm open to using different hardware if somebody knows of a better way of doing it. I am able to offer financial compensation if someone can solve this puzzle.

if you have a solution, or the expertise to find a solution I'd be very interested in hearing from you.

Kind regards Allan

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Re: Accelerometer plugin

how about using the accelerometer data from the now-nearly-ubiquitous iPhone/iPod Touch? an application like TouchOSC will send accelerometer data from the device to QC for interpretation via OSC. the qcOSC receiver patch seems pretty decent as well.