_1024_PerlinNoise plugin

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Bah, yet another perlin noise plugin ? Mos def, but this one will output a structure suitable for KnM GLTools. Sample files included.


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Re: _1024_PerlinNoise plugin


Just beginning to find out that this new plugin of yours can really take a lot of data, has a truly effective range of inputs and literally renders Perlin Noise derived structures faster than any other kernel or patch I've ever tried. Which is pretty exciting.

Find attached a slight reversion of the example you provided using a Structure Renderer patch

As it happens, this patch seems to render even faster with a Mesh receiving its structure output. Perhaps that's partly due to the lack of intervening image input.

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Re: _1024_PerlinNoise plugin

Cool. I'll be interested to see why it ended up that you didn't use multiple stock randoms and javascript... I'm sure the Cinder thing will make it clearer.

This is nice, because it reminds me of a Spread generator basically. I wish QC had more tools to generate structure like this on the fly, and that perhaps QC could have structure aware ports or modes, that would work like implicit iteration.

I'm not surprised that you have been digging on Cinder some. I've been following it since shortly after it came out, and it seems more appealing that OpenFrameworks to me as well.

I see the pic on your site... did you end up using a particular project as the starting point? (The Hodgins Particle Redux and especially Wisteria are probably my fav of the example comps.)

A couple of things seem ridiculously slow... (like the Perlin Test).

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Re: _1024_PerlinNoise plugin

unfortunately, this plugin is related to cinder only due to the fact that I didn't manage to use cinder's built in perlin with the QC environment, so I had to develop my own.

I ended up making this plugin because stock patches don't allow structure output, which is sooo convenient, when using GLTools, or simply within an iterator. Javascript is awfully slow, and seems awkward to me. Patching noodles one by one at 500 iterations count X 3 coordinates takes probably as much time as making a plugin.

Stock structure support would be just tremendous, however I doubt this will ever happen, probably due to QC's UI design orientation -- too much rewrite. I'd rather have Apple provide a set of structure manipulation patches, such as a math patch for structures... One can dream. Maybe filing a feature request would help ?

Cinder-wise, I just picked parts from here and there... The reading of the sources, by itself is a great moment, and that's what got me started, basically.

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Re: _1024_PerlinNoise plugin

I agree about straightforward ideas like math patch for structures....like adding a given number to every structure member without scripting anything. I think this is partially what being able to publish out of an iterator is for except performance is kludgy and it is probably non obvious to people that it works for that purpose.