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Re: Frustum_gt

I've got a distinct impression that these [Frustrum and Ortho] are going to prove to be very useful indeed.

Thanks for sharing :-)

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Re: Frustum_gt

The Kineme GL Tools Frustum and Ortho patches do the same thing. The difference is in the fact way these work, default settings (I make it so that default doesn't change aspect ratio...or at least that's what I've attempted), and that they're standard api qcplugins. It works the same way that the pixelshox projection matrix change stuff did, as a layer, not a macro environment.

There was some discussion about this kind of manipulation on the qc developer list awhile back, that pretty much shed the light for me on what I'm doing here, but the scenario was a little different I think. Then I've been reading this: ...and I thought, hmm...