Image With Kinect plugin

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Hi, here is a simple kinect plugin for quartz. It needs nothing pre-installed on you computer:

There is a compiled version attached with this post.

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Re: Image With Kinect plugin

It's really nice to see that you finished this up, congratulations (I haven't used it yet).

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Re: Image With Kinect plugin

Great! Nice set of options. The verticles output isn't implemented yet?

My first test seems that it's quite intensive, got 16fps on my mbp4,1 2.6 while only displaying the depth image.

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Re: Image With Kinect plugin

sorry, it was not very optimized. now it is with this attached version.

right vertices is not yet implemented as it was not fast enough. i'll see if i can make it available soon.

ImageWithKinect.plugin.zip204.68 KB