qc as vnc server

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hey all,

if anybody is interested i'm working on qc as vnc server patch (in a proof of concept - testing idea stage):

i'll try to squeeze 60fps via standard wifi with the first beta release.

ps. sorry for the delay with movie exporter plugin, i've lots few bits here and there with hdd fail but i've got new version comming very soon!

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Re: qc as vnc server

interesting idea, Mirek.

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Re: qc as vnc server

That DOES sound interesting...


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Re: qc as vnc server

yeah a universal vnc plug-in would be cool. i could see 2 patches a vnc server and client i guess. there are so many ways vnc is implemented im un sure of whats going on in your video but it looks like your sending your qc render view to your i-touch via vnc. so if you got that working it seems entirely conceivable to route a mouse patch and a screen grab out via vnc making it possible to control computers via a quartz file, even pc computers etc...

i started some system controlling stuff via my apple script patch. i started mapping out basic finder commands via my apple script plug. i got basic finder commands working no problem but things started getting glitchy when i was routing multi-touch cursors out to the finder. to me it seemed a second touch on a 2nd finder window while your first touch was still holding the first window warranted a z ordering of the finder window #2 to be on top of the first window and thus become the focused window which was cool with inertia and stuff but apple script maybe is not the solution for this as there was a bit of screen space mouse coordinate issues but now that vade has made his screen capture accessible via qc it might be a bit easier for to implement this in another plug-in context.

either way a vnc client would be a wicked plug-in for personal remote stuff and or IT related things. actually using bonjour vnc via a google talk ichat client is prtetty awesome because well audio is streamed as well. i mean just a basic vnc plug-in would be awesome but imagine that with an audio stream via a quartz composition as well. that would be really cool.

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Re: qc as vnc server

Sounds really interesting, it would be great if you could at least send a live output image from one mac to another.

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Re: qc as vnc server

this is really interesting. i'm looking for a way to send and receive video from and to different macs in quartz composer. maybe your patch is a possible solution