MIDI CLOCK not working

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Hi, i'm trying to work with Midi Clock receiver in my compositions, but QC is not recieving MIDI Clock, I used Midi Monitor and it recieves perfect all MIDI information, but I just do see anything in QC. Do anyone knows if i'm missing some step? Is there any problem with QC and midi clock?

I also tried with MIDI notes receiver but I'm having the same problem.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you!!

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Re: MIDI CLOCK not working

i usually route the midi clock via osc with osculator. or use a midi not on every n beat to send some clock info. i can see you having trouble with the midi clock receiver but seeing that you can not get notes in either means that there is something wrong with your midi setup. try using the IAC drivers if your particular midi IO isn't working. what i can say is good luck at syncing a midi clock to a qc screen. there have been many attempts. turning vsync off will let you get higher frame rates that should help you sync things closer, but all my attempts so far the clock and qc drift apart after sometime. a loop is syncable with some rounding.

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Re: MIDI CLOCK not working

THanks for helping me! I think I have to keep trying!!


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Re: MIDI CLOCK not working

What software are you using to send Midi Clock to QC?