Mesh Bend & Mesh Noise - Redrafts

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Please find attached the two redrafted Mesh Filters for Bend and Noise that now work in 10.6.3, after they had been re-edited. This similar to the problem with Mesh Filters that cropped up with 10.6.2, Bend needing a removal or commenting out of maxrange & min range read only variables to work and Noise needing to have a code line about attenuation commented out.

I noticed a bit of chat on the qc dev list and just thought I'd put out the 10.6.3 'update' :-)

Mesh Filters redraft requires a DAE.

MeshFiltersRedrafted.zip24.98 KB

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Re: Mesh Bend & Mesh Noise - Redrafts

Over two years on and the Redrafted Mesh Filters post is, to all intents and purposes , totally redundant in Lion, the implementations of the kernels required for these filters being both fixed and updated in the stock patches therein to be conformant with the syntax of Open CL version 1.0 and 1.1, thus enabling OpenCL on both the nVidia 9400 and other similar devices [1.0 version] and the Intel CPU and other similar devices [1.1] in QC in Lion.