Most Stable SL version/ with working Mesh Filters?

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Who is running an SL version that has all of the mesh filters working? The mesh filters are located in System/Library/Compositions. The most recent version of 10.2 has bend and noise not working, but I suspect that this may be the case in 10.2 altogether and that I hadn't noticed it yet.

Does anyone have a version of 10.2 where they all seem to be working? If not, has anyone found a particular 10.1 build to be "ok"?

Basically, I want to figure out what SL version has been most stable up until this point. Is there one that seemed more stable than the GM, first release? Did 10.1 fix anything without breaking anything?

Thanks to all for any thoughts... I'm going to install another partition with an earlier SL either way, but if anyone has sussed out a more stable version than any others, it would be appreciated. To my memory, it seems like the first release, and maybe pre-release have been most stable.

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Re: Most Stable SL version/ with working Mesh Filters?


10.6.1 - has seemed the best mix to me, even so I find almost every time that OpenCL is quite volatile, unforgiving and badly behaved . I am currently running 10.6.2 and have been doing a fair old amount of work with static and dynamic meshes and OpenCL routines.

Have to admit, my viewpoint might be a little bit subjective as I experienced 10.6.0 on a post Leo partition with all the history that entailed, prior to racing through to 10.6.1 after a fresh install.

Suffice to say that stuff that literally flies in 10.6.0 and 10.6.1 crawls in 10.6.2 or as you've found out - doesn't work at all. [Prius.dae / Wind Tunnel & Pages Flip comes to mind]

Still relatively early days as yet for OpenCL , but it does seem really impressive things when coded up neatly.

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Re: Most Stable SL version/ with working Mesh Filters?

Yep, you hit the nail on the head. In addition, opening up the "mesh filters" example qtz from the same OpenCL examples points to a reason why; the mesh filters, bend, and noise, are broken... they don't work on that one.

Then, if you go to the System/Library/Compositions, and manually test them or just look at them in Finder with an image preview, you can see that they don't render with the "sphere" that a protocol mesh filter is supposed to, and if you make copies, remove protocol conformance, and a dae, and a render, they still won't work. The actual deformer kernels no longer perform correctly... probably because of updates to the Quartz Composer or OpenCL frameworks, I'm guessing.

I seem to remember everything working OK in 10.6.1, but I can't remember if things worked better in 10.6. It seems like they might have... when did the extra iterator problems start cropping up? I don't remember thinking that anything had been fixed with 10.6.1 (at least for me).

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Re: Most Stable SL version/ with working Mesh Filters?

10.6.2 for iteration kludge problems.

Some one who is definitely on 10.6.0 is best placed to advise if that is actually better than 10.6.1 for QC.

I found , in my experience, that 10.6.1 was the most usable. Then again - some of the problems - mesh related memory leaks and such have still to be properly addresed and have been in existence since .0 .