OpenCL Global Source on QC Editor?/M.I.A Editor Options?

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Isn't there supposed to be an icon for OpenCL Global Source on the QC Editor, between the Patch Inspector and Viewer icons? This is supposed to allow one to define all kernels in one location (re: Mac Development Foundation Videos -Session 724, iTunes U). It looks like it makes alot of sense (and that cloth simulation is killer, as well as the twist on Interaction. I realllly wish those had been posted as sample code).

In addition, I was looking at an older video (maybe from Tiger/between Tiger and Leopard), and saw an option on the Editor for "Hierarchy"? Was that implemented, or just a moving target, interim build? I would imagine it would pull up a plist view?

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Re: OpenCL Global Source on QC Editor?/M.I.A Editor Options?

I thought "that sounds like a good idea", but I await it's public roll out.

I guess that would mean / allow loading / unloading specific routines / kernels as needed.

Until then they'll probably end up as being virtual macros, but I wonder if that couldn't lead to problems with OpenCL seeming to be a trifle open ended if handled clumsily as I happen to from time to time.