Sketchup to Quartz Composer Rundown

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So, if you've been like I have for the past couple of weeks, you're rather frustrated at DAE exports from Google Sketchup working in Preview/Quicklook/Quartz Composer. I've got a little hack here until Apple fixes the rendering bug:

Before you export your model from Sketchup, any interior cuts of objects need to be grouped together to separate them (otherwise the collada reader only renders the cut and not the rest of the object). A simple way to test this is to build a wall in sketchup, cut a hole in the center, and export out that with component hierarchy turned on. Whatever gets rendered in Preview/Quicklook will need to be grouped in sketchup (in this case, all the faces of the cut we just made).

It's a painstaking hack, but i've had some great results so far.

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Re: Sketchup to Quartz Composer Rundown

By the way, I hope I'm not the only one that ran into this? (my integrated graphics chip on this macbook does some "Unintended" things, THANKS INTEL!!)