Soundflower + OSX 10.6.+

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So it seems soundflower is not compatible with 10.6.2 + versions : I regularly used this feature capability. Any ideas on alternative or option i can work with ?


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Re: Soundflower + OSX 10.6.+

Mine works on 1.6.4 after standard installation, it does sometimes "stall", but it did that back on 1.5.x... ... i'm using MacBook Pro early 2008 ... check similar topics here...i think someone got to the bottom of it

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Re: Soundflower + OSX 10.6.+

go figure - it works - im positive it didnt @ least at one time : this is really cool for vdmx audio analysis

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Re: Soundflower + OSX 10.6.+

Soundflower has always been a little wack for me. Whenever I open multiple audio programs it makes a buzzing noise until i reset its output, but damn is it handy...

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Re: Soundflower + OSX 10.6.+

Are you installing SoundFlower 1.5.1 or 1.5.2 [latest beta]?

Others here have found success compiling from source, the project code having been updated to this year for the SoundFlowerBed and left at the code date of 2008 for Soundflower [1.4.2]

Of course you could just download the 1.5.1 binary dmg from