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Well, I'm having a lot of crashes. Everything related to the editor I think. Most happens when disconnecting something from a particle emitter or stuff like that. What do you think could be my problem? Is there any post related I couldn't find? I'm using QC4, OS 10.6.6 on a macbook pro middle 2009.

Not many plugins installed, most from Kineme... Particles, GL, File... etc...

Any though will be appreciated.

thank you very much!

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Are you disconnecting whilst rendering?

If so, cease rendering before disconnecting from a Kineme Particle Tools patch inputs.

Does this happen with one particular Kineme Particle Tools patch rather than any other?

Again, more questions than advice; what is that you are disconnecting?

A colour input, image input , a structural input or a Boolean?

Finally, have you had a look into your Console, a valuable source of system, application information generated at the time of a crash? Does that specify a particular item as being at last thread running, for example?