backtrace error

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so i just started getting this backtrace error again, but this time it has something to do with published ports not being by registered or kvc compliant or something.

this is one of the errrors

Cannot remove an observer <QCPatchParametersView 0x1002f9bb0> for the key path "input" from <QCSplitter 0x11766a290> because it is not registered as an observer.

it doesn't matter if i am removing or adding and or publishing a splitter. this error particularly arises if i use the kcore publish all to root feature which i love.

im using QC Version 4.0 (103.1) on framework 4.2 with OS X 10.6.5

so its not a big deal but thought i would bring it up not sure if its just an apple beta thing as SL beta 10.6.0 was giving me these backtrace errors as well. i think it has something to do with kcore so im posting it here unless someone thinks i should radar at apple ?

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Re: backtrace error

here is another one a bit different...

Cannot remove an observer for the key path "input.value" from , most likely because the value for the key "input" has changed without an appropriate KVO notification being sent. Check the KVO-compliance of the QCSplitter class.

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Re: backtrace error

Have you got an installation of 10.6.4 you can check the offending compositions within ?

If the composition requires a 10.6.5 only patch or plugin, you'll have to best post up to the beta testing forum list for better informed feedback than my hazarding an educated guess :-)

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Re: backtrace error

yeah i'm going to do some investigation i'm almost certain its an offending plugin. i'm going to upgrade my server to 10.6.5 and see if the problem exists with no plugins. nothing i have been doing is dependent on 10.6.5 or framework 4.2. my system is running xcode 4.2 for iphone stuff. mainly 10.6.5 is printing from iOS which i have not even tried yet so maybe i should change back to 10.6.4. beta is nice like that there is the uninstaller included with the update. i wish there was away to roll back when you officially upgrade. is that possible, when i went 10.6.2 everything broke and had to nuke everything to get back to 10.6.1 ? maybe if i download my updates instead of auto install they include the uninstaller ?

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Re: backtrace error

Just noticed your comment regarding the use of Kineme Core , try de-installing that temporarily and see if the offending comps still reproduce the error message.

Regarding update installers, they're downloadable as .dmg wrapped in a .pkg.

I don't think they contain uninstallers.

Sounds like a case for the intrepid Time Machine :-)

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Re: backtrace error

absolutely file a radar, Right Now. (I was just working on something that sounds suspiciously similar).

Please include the offending composition, the exact version of 10.6 you're using (10F___ most likely), a screenshot of the exact message you're getting, and whether or not it happens on 10.6.4 or prior. also include a full system profile. Please email me the radar number.

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no backtrace

so i did a bug report i don't know if you got it. after i was done filling in my regression and hit submit it asked me to log into adc again, which i did but after i logged in again it brought back to a blank bug report. i picked developer tools for an option and title was quartz composer no back trace error. it seems suspicious to me that i would not get a ticket number or something ?

so here is my system profile attached. so im attaching a comp here as well. its arbitrary as any file made for hosting. meaning with input output splitter that have published roots will give the above errors. one when you add a noodle again arbitrary but lets say dimension pixel width to render in image pixel width and you get second error posted. click continue or quit -> choose continue and remove the noodle you just attached and get error one posted in this thread. again arbitrary. see attached for file and regression.

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