Help a Beginner with MIDI

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Hi all, I'm brand new to quartz composer and I've been teaching myself using tutorials and such. My two questions are these: 1. I have a Novation Launchpad that I want to use to trigger certain actions. The problem is that the midi notes receiver patch goes by keys/notes which I can't seem to figure out. Do I need to be running through Ableton as well?

  1. My goal is to use the launchpad to trigger patches and vj with them. Besides the trouble setting up my launchpad in quartz, I am using the audio from ableton for certain audio reactions. I wanted to know if I could sync a certain patch up to a certain audio clip so that it reacts only to one audio clip. TO be more clear, if I want a cube on the left to grow on beat with the drums and a cube on the right to grow on beat with a synth, is there a way to do that? I hope everything I just said was clear.

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Re: Help a Beginner with MIDI

There are 4 midi objects a Midi clock, midi controller receiver, midi controller sender, midi notes. depending on what your doing on of the other objects may be better

I think what you may also be missing is the settings controls. Select the midi note receiver patch that you have added to the editor window, then select patch inspector, on the patch inspector select settings.


Yes you can have 2 different music cues trigger different objects you need to 2 different input sources though. my example has two inputs but currently it is set to my laptop mic.

You can also set up files to play from qc trigger from the files I am not sure how to do that.

I am a noob myself

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Re: Help a Beginner with MIDI

Hi, I've used the Launchpad for VJing directly with QC and VDMX running .qtz. For that you might want to try it's simple and works, but don't expect to be using the entire 8x8 grid of buttons as a trigger pad with responsive lights as the LP will slow down. I wrote some instructions on that topic at ... The new VDMX should have it working faster, haven't tried it yet though.

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Re: Help a Beginner with MIDI

That just helped me in so many ways, thank you so much!

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Re: Help a Beginner with MIDI

I actually already have katapult, but I was a little worried about running it through Ableton Live and QC at the same time. I don't have VDMX at the moment, so i'll have to settle for being very careful with how much I use it.