How to record QC sync'd via MIDI Clock as movie.

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Hi, I'm new to quartz composer. Even if I've been using it for a month or so, I could not figure out how to record a composition as a movie while receiving midi sync messages. If I use QuartzCrystal the program renders a still image! Recording midi sync'd composition is necessary to me because I want to sync audio & video and export it. I imagine it's a frequent need and that the answer is simple, but I'm stuck.. Thank you in advance for the help, hope that my bad english is not a problem!


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Re: How to record QC sync'd via MIDI Clock as movie.

I think I'll leave the MIDI sync issue just for the time being. Requires using the inbuilt MIDI and Kineme MIDI patches and their use has been covered elsewhere on this list.

I find that screen capturing doesn't run smooth and true, although others might be better able to advise a better way than the one I'll point you to, which is a pretty functional compromise solution Audio In Quartz Builder, which includes a section on using the Audio Tools to output an audio synced - to an mp3 track in this case, Quartz Crystal movie. I then resync the outputted movie in GarageBand.

If you build up your composition to work with the Audio and / or MIDI patches that you'll need, then you'll be able to output a movie that closely follows the track as it would within Quartz Composer.

The example pointed to uses an mp3 track, but audio track with MIDI sync in could work just as well, I would have thought.

Hope that helps.

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Re: How to record QC sync'd via MIDI Clock as movie.

No easy solution.

Screen capturing is the easiest answer, though quality/framerate are not the best, depending on power of your machine.

More complex option but better quality if you can make it work, is to use the kineme value historian patch to record your control data inside qc in a way that will then playback when used with QuartzCrystal. But depending on the structure of your patch & midi data, this could be a lot of work, and the value historian patch is not perfect and Im not sure if it works with snow leopard or not.

Method I intend to try in future is record output of a mac from DVI to a 2nd computer that has a HDMI capture card. This will hopefully give better framerate than screen capturing software, but its only a sensible option because I already have a mac pro that will take a capture card relatively cheaply.

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Re: How to record QC sync'd via MIDI Clock as movie.

I really like the idea of the HDMI capture card, that would probably give a pretty decent representation of the composition.