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I posted a QCButton patch and demo that uses QC to provide the functionality of a button, and an overview: http://www.georgetoledo.com/2010/07/qcbutton-or-standing-on-shoulders-of...

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Re: QCButton

brilliant comp there! and very inspiring :)

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Re: QCButton


For a better summary, the button is resizable, movable, has color modes for on and off, an implicit image output, hit signal output (if cursor is over button), a button signal output (if cursor is over button and has clicked it), click detection modes, and some other useful goodies.

One can use it "behind" a given image to make that image area a button hot zone, if one wants to easily customize the button look, and even use the button output to effectively toggle between custom off/on button icons that you may wish to use, so it's not limited to just the RoundedRect look.

Besides using it to trigger on/off events to do stuff like control media, one can do things like hook multiple buttons up to integrators to make tools to move things around screen, or ramp any given parameter up/down, for example.

I should have taken a little video game controller and used it on top of the buttons :-)

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Re: QCButton

Very useful, well thought out compositions, QCButton and RectHit.

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Re: QCButton

Very cool! :)