help with the gl quad sprites or cubes

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Help a Noob Please.

I have this idea for a room in my house. Is it possible to let the clouds continue on eacht quad? and if there is whould that work for sprites and cubes to?

thanks in advance.

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help with the gl quad sprites or cubes

I've look around and found this image texturing properties grid .qtz and saw that it is possible to cut up images. so now I'm wondering how te send it to 2 or more sprites cubes etc. can anybody point me in the right direction. I'm a noob so if one can tell me in wich composition i can find out more about this that would be great. I'll try to figure it out by my selve but all help is more then welcome Greatz from the Netherlands and thanx

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whooohooooo I got 1 step further

I've got a bit further already i've managed to split the image in 2 parts now I only need to get it to fit on the top of the cube. Thanks for not giving it away... this way I'll actually learn something

image texturing props.qtz88.28 KB

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Re: whooohooooo I got 1 step further

the easiest solution is to use a 3d model, whose texture coordinates have been un-warpped. (like in the attached jpeg)

or using image crops (like in the qtz)

my preferred option is the first, but it requires some 3d knowledge. check this tutorial :

hope this helps.

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nice one!

Thanks for the reply, the composition you added looks very nice! It's still a lot of abracadabra for me but i'll find it out sooner or later. the link you added helps a lot. greetings