Can't change user profile picture

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Hi gang,

I think I am doing this correctly, but it isn't working for me...

I am trying to change my profile picture for the forums here, and every time I do so, the image reverts to the original picture. I have tried deleting the picture, saving, and then uploading the new one, but it always goes back to the original.

Not that I don't love my flattering avatar, but I thought I'd change it up a bit... :P



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Re: Can't change user profile picture

Hm, it seems to be working for me. Are you uploading a valid JPEG or PNG image, within the specified dimensions and size constraint? Did you shift-refresh in your browser after submitting the new image?

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Re: Can't change user profile picture

Hi Steve,

I am uploading a JPG @ 85x85 that is 8KB. That SHOULD work, right?

Here are the steps I am performing: - Go to the My Account page - Click the Edit link - Enter my password twice - Check the Delete Picture box - Save (image is gone when my profile is reloaded) - Go back into the Edit screen - Enter password twice - Browse to new image and select - Save (image displays, but it is the original - the big head - image)

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Re: Can't change user profile picture

a] you don't need to log in on the edit page or double enter your password to change your avatar pic, unless you aren't already logged in, which you'll need to be to edit your account settings.

b] do open your image in Preview, check if it is the correct byte size [10KB] and also the right pixel size >85px*85px. Use Preview's tools to resize your image until all requirements are met.

however - what follows is what really matters, methinks.

c] if no image is currently there, just upload your correctly sized image, submit - job's a good'un :)

d] if there is an image there you don't want , delete it, submit then upload your new avatar pic, submit - your done :-)

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Re: Can't change user profile picture

Got it!

I logged out and then logged back in, and that seemed to fix it.