Search results now has sort and filter, yeh!'s picture

So I was searching for cybero's recent post on ATI GPU cards and noticed the new sort and filter sidebar fucntions that list with the search results. Very cool enhancement, smokris! This will help me heaps when racking my memory bank.

Noticed a few little issues, like despite getting close to majority of hits being authored by cybero, in the filter by author list he isn't listed. At a couple of authors are just listed by the hit number ie: (9) and (3) not gtoledo_(9) leegrosbauer_(3). Also smokris is getting multiple listings (14),(10),(3)&(2)… I guess that's no big deal.

Be good if hits could be generated on comment author not just topic 'OP' author. Think you mentioned this is a limitation of the Drupal module or something. Perhaps I haven't investigated fully too.

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Re: Search results now has sort and filter, yeh!

Currently the default ordering with Drupal is to defer to strict alphabetic listing of pertinent returns, thus comments upon , say cybero, unless by cybero, will , if by names beginning with A or B actually precede those beginning with a C and including ybero [ & nowt else :-) ].

This rather smacks of the old school register system A - Z and if you happen to be Young or Zimmer, learn some patience :-) .