Dual Projection Edge Blending.

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Has anyone here worked out either a QC technique or CIFilter for a nice edge blending gradient? I have also been looking at Paul Bourkes fantastic work on this subject: http://paulbourke.net/texture_colour/edgeblend/

He advocates to use a 'Gamma' curve for the gradient... However I also believe that the overall image Gamma, (of the non-overlapping projected area) is to have a different gamma to compensate for the brighter black level caused by overlapping 2 projectors. (Light adds..)

I do know that MadMapper and a few other mapping softwares use this 'concept' as a bit of a draw card.

Be nice to do this in QC (and obviously build an app including this with QuartzBuilder!) without having to 'Syphon' it off all the time.

Cheers in advance... A

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Re: Dual Projection Edge Blending.

You may not have noticed, but your original citation of Paul Bourke includes a link to M. Oostrick's QC plugin for edge blending, also discussed on the Kineme site. I have worked with this, and would just mention that if your QC skills are basic, you will have to fiddle a bit with this to make it work with specific projector resolutions and overlaps. But the math and macro coding has all been done for you by M.O.

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Re: Dual Projection Edge Blending.

Sorry Guys! This was silly! Way to late at night,.. long day... :-( Speed reading!

Darn... what would we do without Paul??? (Think we should get him a nice gift!)