Finally got Kinect(ed) many thanks

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Just wanted to say a huge THANKYOU to all who have contributed time, code and compositions for the Kinect. I finally bought one and had it all up and running in next to no time. I always have been a bit of a late adopter and now I look forward to trying to implement some ideas I have had while watching you all work so hard. Cheers, Joe

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Re: Finally got Kinect(ed) many thanks

It was interesting to look at my natural reaction in using the Kinect to interact with objects.

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Re: Finally got Kinect(ed) many thanks

Hey, that's cool, @ matt.

It's awesome you got one joe, I'm sure you have some neat ideas.

I'd say the two main things to watch out for are ambient lights, and if you're doing something with the skeletal tracking, to try to use the latest "openNI 2" era projects that don't require a calibration pose (like delicode ni mate or current ofxOpenNI development fork). Also, keep in mind that the skeletal tracking can and will occasionally break, and figure itself back out, and that the thing is generally designed for a household type environment.

I think the ambient light making it chop out and limits of range of distance of the skeletal tracking (and the skeletal tracking being closed source) are the two biggest reasons that innovation w/ the kinect seems to have chilled out some. Not that both issues can't be designed around.