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I may well be late in the day in getting on board with this site I am about post about, however, if you haven't already heard of or found the new I Love QC site that accompanies the QC book by Graham Robinson and Surya Buchwald, now might be a good time to do so.

Fixed link.

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Re: I_Love_QC

The URL to the site is actually http://www.iloveqc.org/ - my contemporaneously inept use of Markdown syntax simply pointed to Page not found ... [doh]

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Re: I_Love_QC

Thanks for that tip. I for one did not know and I thought I had been trawling the web...

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Re: I_Love_QC

So much web, so much trawling ... so much to find and s-o-o-o little time •~

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I <3 QC

nice a qc book... i just downloaded the watermarked ebook. the distribution site offered a 30 % discount for filling out some personal info, which i did and made the ebook cost 20$. im sure there will be some interesting goodies and supplement materials.... the i <3 QC site has a huge article on -gt where in my opinion he offers some good advice.

What advice would you give someone starting off, aspiring to becoming a successful/recognised vj?

Don't be lazy. Most of my waking hours are spent working, whether or not I'm paid for it. Also, try to expose yourself to a wide variety of art and tech, and spend time thinking about it critically. Draw conclusions and apply them. --gt

i find this statement to be deep-seated... i often find my self wondering where --gt finds the time to contribute to kineme, make a bunch screen grabs of interesting experiments, write a song and make a music video all in the course of a day. undoubtedly it is his passion for the subject that drives him but more importantly stated its many hours of working regardless of the pay.... its evident --gt defiantly loves qc.

i guess the point im trying to make is that passion, love, and work ethic are very important, probably more important than monetary compensation.... although its always nice to get paid to do something you love. i have found that this passion and drive is more important because at times you will not get paid, and even if your on break or you do not need to work its equally as important. i personally found myself getting bored with design until i found computer science and qc a few years ago. now its like i have a never ending puzzle to solve and i am very grateful for this puzzle and to those people (community) that help with putting all the pieces together. undoubtedly this book will help me on this journey.