I have a 3D projector...

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Hi everyone, long time snooper, first time poster. I am wondering if anyone could help me disambiguate some things to do with making content for 3D projectors with or without active glasses.

So I've bought my first projector a optoma GT760 I think, it says full 3D WXGA so i was wondering how one would go about making content for it. I have played around with Stereo Environment but as I've found out I think this does an analglyph for use with traditional red/blue glasses although I may be wrong.

Am wondering what the process is of rendering is to produce a WXGA signal, and whether it could be done on the fly like with stereo env. Is there a special signal it needs to be sent or special codec/file format?

Extremely hard finding relevant information on the internet, it may be down to my bad searching skills but I think it's mainly because there are so many forms of 3D references to filter through, ie 3d projection mapping, openGL 3D etc. Neither of which help me come closer to understanding what a 3D projector needs to produce 3D content.

I know it's possible, just exploring how feasible and accessible experimenting with this concept would be.

Thanks in advance :)

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Re: I have a 3D projector...

Welcome, @thwartz!

GL Stereo Environment just produces a pair of images for the left and right eye; it's up to you how to use them — you can (for example) display them using anaglyph colors, or output them to different destinations, or interlace them in a checkerboard pattern, depending on how your 3D display works.

On the GT760 product page, it says "Supports [...] side-by-side format and top and bottom format". So you may be able to get it to work by setting the screen resolution to double-wide or double-high (e.g., 2560x720 or 1280x1440 instead of 1280 x 720), then just display the outputs of GL Stereo Environment on a pair of adjacent Billboards.