Is it possible to do this...

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Hi all, I have an idea for a composition and was wondering if its possible to achieve it in QC.

My idea is...

A canvas at HD resolution. On the canvas, there are 20 square shaped placeholders/billboards in a grid like formation.

Each placeholder/billboard displays a random video from a set folder. Once a video has played to the end, it calls up another random video from that folder.

Each placeholder/billboard has its own folder of videos to access.

Also each placeholder/billboard has a keystroke attached to it. A, B, C etc etc.

So when pressing said key, that particular placeholder/billboard will then play the video it has loaded but in full screen.

Once the full screen video has played to the end it closes and takes you back the the array of placeholders/billboards.

If this can be done. What sort of patches etc etc should I be looking at or researching.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and many thanks in advance.

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Re: Is it possible to do this...

I think that should be possible, but playing a bunch of videos is going to be a bit taxing on CPU/GPU depending on the video. I'm not sure about the random play, but I'm sure someone else has done it.

I would start by getting the directory loading working. Probably...

  • Directory Scanner
  • Either Random patch or Javascript patch to do random
  • Video Player (kineme video tools) which has duration.

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Re: Is it possible to do this...

Thank you for the reply.

I got the first part working,but without the random. I found this video which helped.

If I try to add a random patch, my results are poor and not what I want.

I built a test comp with 5 billboards accessing 5 different folders. And yes it got a bit laggy.

So my thought are now instead of cycling through a folder of video, have the billboard cycle through a series of image thumbnails. One for each of the videos.

Any ideas for the other sections.